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    i'm set on Reba SL, any other considerations?

    Hey all,

    I've searched and search and read and read adn i think the '05 RS Reba SL is the fork for me. before i sign it off on my xmas wish list for the gf i though id double check my options one last time.

    i'm 6'4 225 on an '05 rockhopper. I ride mostly trails with pretty good up and down hills. i also have some friends who are into more aggresive 'freeriding' so i like to run around w/ them sometimes. i know i cant jump anything wild, but we go down stairs, small jumps/drops, etc. i also go around town often and i probably will more now that the days are short to get some excercise at night. but the focus is a good aggressive trail fork

    so anyway, the RS reba SL w/o uturn is only about $270 now, has a ton of features (rebound/comp damp adj, dual air spring, lockout w/ threshold adj (internal) and optional remote, and internal travel adjustment), is clyde approved, is stiff, and seems to hold up well.

    sounds awesome! but any other ideas in the same price range? just want to triple check for ease of mind

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    Go for it!

    Yeah, I want two forks, one for my 5 inch dual sus bike, and one for my xc ht.
    05 Manitou miute 3
    05 reba sl, 270 is a good price, you have the green light to buy it.
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    Good job! Another green light here

    Quote Originally Posted by HuffyMan
    .... but any other ideas in the same price range?...
    With 32mm clyde approved stanchions. Nope.

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    i just put that same fork on my hardtail.. picked it up from pricepont for 270
    i'm 6'3" 220# with gear.. man, couldn't be happier with this thing

    for the money, nothing can touch this one
    get it!


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    six four, two and a quarter? clyde?, nope, yer a bit on the light side.
    Downright anorexic for the average of your height.

    I've got a reba. the u turn option, but the rest is the same. Do not NOT get this fork. You'll be very happy. There are a thousand combinations available with the adjust options on this fork.
    I'll be the first to put it out here and say: marketing is marketing, but RockShox is kicking everyone's butt this year.

    Get the fork


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    I'm 220# and couldn't be happier with my Race U-Turn. I really considered the SL from Pricepoint too, but wanted the adjustability of the U-turn. I can drop it down for racing, or 100mm for general fun rides, or 115mm for hanging with the freeride boys. I'm not a big air guy either and the Reba has shattered my expectations.

    One note, my fork from Pricepoint came without a pump.

    I think Rock Shox has nailed this fork.

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