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    I need some help determining how to get a DBinline on my trek w/ DRCV

    So, i know nothing about shock sizing and modding things to fit other than one bike usually uses one shock size.

    my trek is a fuel ex. it uses the ****ty proprietary 7.25x2.0 shock (184x50). i would love to put a CCinline on it.

    they make these two sizes 184 x 44mm // 190 x 50mm , i emailed them to see if i could do a custom order and they were not having it..

    so, i am curious... if i buy the 184, what will the travel be with 44mm stroke? will i loose travel? or should i just buy the 190? if i buy the 190, how do i get the 6mm in difference to mount up?

    i was told i could run offset bushings to makeup for the difference in distance, although i know offset bushings change the geo and BB of the frame. i do not want this.. i just want a nicer shock for the bike, since its the weak link in this bike.

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    If your bike has 5" of travel with a 2" stroke shock a 1.75" stroke will yield 4.3" of travel (2.54 leverage ratio) Doesn't your DRCV shock have an upper "trunnion" mount? If so you would have to change the link bearings & have custom shock mounting spacers / hardware. My advice have your DRCV custom tuned by PUSH or get another frame. Good shocks do not necessarily mean great performance on all frames / applications especially on proprietary set-ups.

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    yeah, im definitely not loosing travel. i think we've figured it out. 2mm offset bsuhing up top (since its m8), and 3mm offset on the bottom (m6 hardware) for a total i2i of 189mm. stroke is the same and i can deal with 1mm i2i difference.

    the upper mount/bolts is part of the drcv deal. two bolts thread into the shock itself. if there isnt a fox hardware kit that i can Frankenstein together i will just go spin up some delrin or aluminum spacers for the top on my buddy's lathe. bottom should be super easy, since its just a standard mount.

    i see your point about keeping it the way it comes, although im not worried about the shock not working with this linkage.. i used to really be into fox, although im pretty much over them at this point and do not want to support them anymore.. i think darren at push could probably make the shock feel better than ive ever imagined, but for 250 bones, id just rather save up another 250 and some change for the bushings and get something i really want, ya know? (ive wanted a CC shock for a while now)

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