Help with Rear shock-
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    Help with Rear shock

    I am looking to upgrade to a platform damping shock on my 04 Specialized FSR XC. I am looking an a Fox RP3, Manitou S-Type SPV, X- Fusion 02 PVR. I am replacing a Cane Creek Cloud Nine. Any help would be great.

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    What kind of "help".....

    are you looking for? Are you looking for someone with a shock for sale? Are you looking for specifications for your bike? Or are you looking for recommendations on which to buy?

    If you are looking for one for sale, I can't help you there.

    For specifications, your bike requires a 6.0 x 1.25" shock. These are available aftermarket both from Fox and Manitou, I don't have any information on X Fusion.

    As for recommendations, I assume that you are talking new? You state you are looking at an RP3, and S Type. My personal preference is for Fox, but Manitou makes a nice shock if you like the SPV style platform. Personally I'd go Fox. You have 3 platform settings at the click of a switch, as opposed to having to fuss with SPV chamber pressures. But the SPV chamber is more adjustable. Either way both are good shocks. As for the X Fusion I have no information or experience with it, so I can't really comment.

    Anyway, knowing what type of "help" you are looking for would be useful!

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    I am looking for suggestion on which shock would be best for this frame.

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    I don't have an FSR, but I do have the Manitou Swinger Air 4-way with the No Tools Valve Adjust on my Giant VT.

    As Squash mentioned, the Manitou has a lot of adjustability, though it takes a little while tuning it in. But once you get the right setting, the rear is just splendid. Plush when you need it, but solid platform when hitting the climbs.

    The No Tools Adjust takes all the guesswork out of the SPV volume. Click it to one of the 4 preset settings, and you have a different feel as far as progressiveness is concerned.

    I was considering the Fox RP3, but I am the type that wants to have the range granular adjustibility for my bike, to be able to dial in precisely.

    Hope this helps!
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    Unfortunately you can't put a 4way on an FSR XC, but the 3way will be perfect. I'd take one over another Fox any day. Evey bike I've purchased seems to have come with a Fox, but they always wind up with a Swinger on it in the end. I give them a chance, but they just dont seem to perform.

    You didn't say which model of FSR XC you have, but if it came with Fox Float, send that in to Push Industries. That's the only way a Fox will ever make it back on one of my bikes.

    Or even better, buy a Fox Vanilla and send it in to Push. Coil shocks feel better on those frames anyway.
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    I have the exact same bike. has the fox rp3 in 6" size for your bike. Also a 6.5 inch shock will fit, however your geo will be altered.

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