Help needed for Bluto RCT3 damper assembly-
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    Help needed for Bluto RCT3 damper assembly

    I just completed the rebuild on a Bluto RCT3 assembly, following SRAMís installation guide which overall worked out pretty well. I was in the process of repositioning the lowers closer to the uppers (Full compression) to install the two bolts into the air & damper shafts when a small 1/8th x ~4Ē long shaft popped out of the damper assembly and I lost a lit of oil from the uppers. And it was all going smoothly until then, having completely rebuild the rest of the unit. Ugh. So now Iíve completed the rest of the assembly, but the low-speed compression 4-prong knob that attaches to the ďpoppedĒ shaft via a small flat head screw is in question. I can re-insert the shaft, but I I feel Iím missing something at this point, probably flew off in my shop and is gone forever. The lever for open/mid/close is also not held down securely either. Iíve looked for diagrams and such to provide some insight on this, but am stuck. Iím hoping someone here can provide insight on how to correct this, and thank you in advance!

    Here are some pictures, where Iíve lifted the shaft out of the damper assembly slightly to show what is no longer held in place by the mystery object.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Help needed for Bluto RCT3 damper assembly-792a67d7-2cb5-4d92-bb80-f782af7460ec.jpg  

    Help needed for Bluto RCT3 damper assembly-9ab74dbc-c436-4781-b850-4a8fe2376f96.jpg  

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