• 11-27-2005
    Fox RP3 or DHX 5.0 and Fox Talas RLC or Vanilla RLC
    Getting ready to order a 2006 Titus MotoLite through my LBS. Wondering what your thoughts are on shock and fork selection. Seems that most of the newer builds I have seen on the Manufacturer forum for Titus have Fox RP3 and Talas RLC combination.
    Have been considering either the Vanilla R or DHX 5.0 for the shock and the Vanilla RLC for the fork, both being coil based. Thought the coil might be more reliable in the long run. Any other thoughts on pro/cons of the coil vs air selection would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.
  • 11-27-2005
    In general, the coil units will be more plush and heavier than the air units. That said, I've got an RP3 on my 5-Spot, and it is definitely more plush than the stock Romic coil was. On the front, the Fox coil forks are very plush, but can be a little brake-divey, riding low in their travel. If I were buying another Fox coil fork, it would get it directly from PUSH, who does a great job of reducing the brake dive, while maintaining the plushness. Of course, it does come at a cost!

    I guess in the MotoLite application, I would probably just go with air at both ends. If you want to be able to adjust a lot more in the rear, you might spec the DHX-Air, kind of a middle ground between the RP3 and DHX-coil.

    Then next year, when you build up a 6-Pack, you can go coil at both ends, and have the best of both worlds!

    Enjoy your new toy!
  • 12-01-2005
    Any other suggestions:shock/fork combo f/new Moto-Lite?
    Kosmo, Thx for your advice. The frame arrived at my LBS. Anybody else have a thought on shock and fork combo for my new Titus Moto-Lite? Open to other suggestions than the one I originally listed Thx
  • 12-01-2005

    Originally Posted by JeffSkisMontana
    Anybody else have a thought on shock and fork combo for my new Titus Moto-Lite?

    With regard to the fork, choose the TALAS if you think you'll use the on-the-fly travel adjust feature. The TALAS is also more difficult to service yourself. I own both a TALAS and a Vanilla, but prefer the Vanilla due to the fact that it is entirely user serviceable.

    With regard to the rear shock, I'd go with the DHX. (I say this having never tried one though.) The reason that I'd go with the DHX instead of the RP3 is that it has more adjustment options which'll allow you to fine tune the ride to your liking.