• 10-11-2019
    Fox Float-X EVOL - Any known issues?
    Picked up a 2018 Cannondale Trigger 2 with a Fox Float-X EVOL Performance Elite Fit4 rear shock. I understand that Fox replaced the Float-X with the DPX2 Shock, which was made available on the 2019 Trigger 2. Both of these Fox shocks employ the Gemini feature from Fox which allows the shock to work at full travel (145mm) in Flow mode and by way of increased progression, restricts the travel (115mm) in Hustle mode.

    My question is whether there are any known issues with the Fox Float-X EVOL shock given that Fox replaced the shock with the current DPX2. I am coming up on about 50-60hrs of ride time since purchasing my bike the 3rd week of June this year. I figure I will choose to do a lower service on my forks when the rains finally pick up here in North Texas and consider a rear shock service as well. Given my desire to stay on top of suspension service, I figure I'd inquire here about any known issues with the Fox Float-X shock, any big difference between it and the DPX2, and finally what if any known issues are there around its service and reliability. I appreciate any feedback you've got.

    I'm really enjoy the bike. I regularly use the Gemini feature to switch between Hustle and Flow mode. I notice the difference, but can't say that I'd be upset if the Hustle mode was not available. I can say the bike has a nice pedal platform and feels good going up the short switch backs I have on my local trails.

    Thanks in advance.