Fox FIT4 Medium compression position-
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    Fox FIT4 Medium compression position

    i've got a fox 34 SC and am wondering if it is working properly. i don't notice any real difference between the open and medium compression settings. Should medium firm it up notably from open?

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    Medium should feel the same as open with the black lsc knob set full closed. How much do you weigh? They do use a soft tune so it might not be super noticeable

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    I have exactly the same problem with a FIT4 34 evol fork. No difference at all between open and medium settings, and LSC knob adjustment doesn't seem to make any difference in the open setting. I got the fork sent back to Fox, and the "re-tuned" fork was exactly the same as before. Nothing changed. Furthermore, I tested two other bikes in the shop which had the same fork, and they were again exactly the same: no difference what so ever between the two settings.

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    I rode the (34) FIT4 2018 for over 1 year, where initially, I was surprised to see that no one else seemed to complain about the lack of adjustability the compression valve was offering (both high and low speed comp.). My daughter's 34 SC is very similar (if not identical feel).

    So after one season of riding, I decided to switch to Vsprung Fractive. What a difference it makes, mostly noticeable on the LSC adjust. Finding the right "tune" (5 levels of HSC to choose from) was not so easy, but ounce you got it right, you can feel a difference of 2 clicks of LSC. As far as HSC goes, obviously, the difference is less notable between open to mid (I'd say about 10-15%), plus you lose the lock-out.

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