• 07-01-2006
    Fork for Klein Attitude, 240lb rider?
    Friends, recently picked up a new '04 attitude frame and am looking to do somewhat of a budget/value buildup (I dont need the latest and greatest). Wondering what suspension fork you guys reccomend for road/light trail riding. Leftovers specials etc are great!

    Stock 06 comes with a fox RL100, 04/5 came with a Rock Shox Duke Race. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
  • 07-03-2006
    Reposado Man
    I think the best budget fork on the market is the Marzocchi MX Comp, which you can get new (2005 models) for around $200. At your weight, I wouldnt get anything cheaper/lighter like an Axel or Pilot.

    The Marzocchi is stiff, plush and reliable..
  • 07-03-2006
    Thanks R - appreciate the suggestion - any suggestions for tbe $300 level? Any of the foxes?

    Thansk alot!