Fork dust seal has come off!-
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    Fork dust seal has come off!

    My trek Marlin 5 currently has an sr Suntour 100mm fork on it, itís not the best and while I do plan on eventually upgrading it I am still going to be using it for at least a few more months. The bike is about 15 months old, and a few days ago I was riding it on smooth ground and notice the what I think is a dust seal had come off the left side of the fork (see attached image) I did try pushing it back in but not with much force, Iím not sure how it came out.

    how can I put it back in and is there a major risk having it off? Preferably I donít want to take apart that whole fork, so if thereís an easy fix please let me know!

    *i also just did a huge drivetrain upgrade on the bike and have no money left
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    Might not be a bad time to disassemble that, inspect the seal, lube things and push that back in the tube.

    It probably doesn't affect operation of the fork much, but I assume things are kind of dry, which is what made it come loose.

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    Pretty simple process to reseat the wiper and check the seals. Lots of YouTube vids out there.

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    Anyone didn't answer yet but yes, it can and will do your fork a lot of harm if you leave it like that. Just try to get that wiper pushed back down and try to get some lubrication in between the seal and stanchion to prevent from happening again. If you're not able to get that wiper back down like that, then you'll have to disassemble the lowers ("50 hour service" or "lower leg oil change" it can be called as well), which is quite easy really and can be done at home with a couple of tools and replacement oil for a budget.

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