I am having an issue with my floodgate setting on my Pike. I'll be tearing into the fork in the next few days, but was curious if anyone has had a similar experience or has any ideas to share.

I have found that in order to get the floodgate setting I want, I keep needing to back it off (counterclockwise) a little bit every ride or so. I have the non-poplock MoCo unit with the internal floodgate adjustment (use a hex key to get at it). I usually had it set around 2/3 of a turn from fully open, but now to get the same action I am needing to run it about 1/4 turn from full open, and it is starting to get stiffer even at that setting. I'm going to run out of room to lighten it up soon.

Usually, I have the floodgate set very light, so that with a moderate compression setting the fork is smooth on high speed hits. Therefore, when the fork is in "locked out" position you can't feel much of a lock out. It is a little stiffer than unlocked, but not much when just pushing up and down on it. I started noticing the fork felt harsh on some high speed DHs, and when I locked the fork out to see what the floodgate was set at, it was very locked-out. So I lightened it up to about 1/2 turn from full open and it felt good. But then the same thing happened a couple of rides later. Lightened it to 3/8 of a turn from full open. After the next ride, I was at 1/4 turn. If I do put it to 1/2 turn now, it is a stiff lock and a harsh ride.

So, any thoughts? The oil is due for a change (been almost a year), but about 6 months ago I checked it and it looked pretty good and I was not losing any. I'll be changing it now, but I really don't think that is the issue.