Change SID lower legs to 15mm? Possible?-
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    Change SID lower legs to 15mm? Possible?

    I have a SID fork that has the standard QR. Every time I look at my wheel it looks like my dish is off. The shop I bought the bike from checked the dish and said it was fine, they called SRAM and got a warranty lower. It still looked off to me but shrugged it off. I've started getting faster and racing. At the race yesterday someone was looking at my bike and goes, "your dish looks off in your front wheel" I replied yea I know etc.

    So, I'm wondering can I buy a 15mm lower leg and put that on instead of buying an all new fork? I no longer live by the shop that did the warranty. I am going to get the dish checked again at my new shop but I think it's fine.

    If it's possible to buy the lower, where? I may just have the LBS worry about all that.

    Something to note, I do oil service once a year and that is coming up in March so what better time than now to do this.

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    Some 2009, 2010 and possibly 2011 9mm QR SID lowers suffered from this problem. I've modified mine and a couple of others by filing one dropout. It's a fairly quick and easy process and can probably cure your problem. The page linked to will allow you to calculate how much you may need to file off so you can see if this is a possible fix (depending on how off-centre your wheel is).

    As for the 15mm lowers, I seem to recall that they are all the same as between the 80/100 and 120mm SID versions (CSU's are different though). So if you can get some SID 15mm lowers you will be good to go (but you will need to convert your front wheel to 15mm thru and also buy a RS 15mm Maxle). Check the SRAM parts catalogue for the relevant part numbers to double check what will work.

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