Hey all, I'm building up a Spot Mayhem (130mm trail bike, will use a DPX2 in rear). I'm coming from a Ripmo with an X2 + Fox 36 (Grip, not Grip2), looking for a more nimble trail bike vs. an enduro sled.

The Spot comes with a 140mm Fox 36 Fit4, but Spot is local and I can bring over any fork during the build (and then sell the Fit4 Fox 36)). I like the idea of being able to firm up the front with the flick of a switch, but at 140mm this may not be necessary.

I realize opinions are like...well, you know. But I'd love recommendations for what folks consider the best trail fork right now (140mm). I do charge pretty hard down, but only weight 180lb, so I don't necessarily need a 36 platform at 140mm.

Pike? Fox 36 Grip2? Fox 36 Fit4? MRP? Cane Creek Helm?