Broken forks (i.e. cracked or structural failure)??-
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    Broken forks (i.e. cracked or structural failure)??

    Wondering if people here have actually broken a fork while riding?

    I don't mean they don't perform as they should, I mean actually snapped/cracked or caused a structural fork failure.

    Looking for a new fork for my new bike and was wondering if I should bump up to a Fox 36 or Lyrik from my 09 Revelation (which is actually a slightly lighter Pike) or go with the new 150mm Revelation and save some weight (a pound or more). For the record, I'm not interested in the 15mm axle option on the 32 series Fox Forx.

    I don't really care about the additional stiffness (the 20mm axle on my current fork is stiff enough).

    The new Revelation has only 1/2" less travel than the bigger forks but has the smaller diameter sliders.

    I currently only hit drops less than four feet but am slowly getting more aggressive--would one of these bigger forks be safer??

    If possible, please post a picture of the broken fork.

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    Within a reasonable range, it is less about structural integrity and more about what the fork is designed for.

    Meaning, the dampers on smaller forks are not designed or tuned for high velocity events (high speed compression), like a big drop, smaller forks are designed to be compliant at speed rather than supportive on big events.

    Flex is a significant confidence factor as well.

    So with the Revelation, a specific drop might feel on the edge, but with a FR fork, that same drop might feel like butter (and load you up with confidence for bigger stuff).


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    Friend bent Fox 40's right stanchion

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    How did your mate bend that 40?

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    It's not that hard on a Fox. They push the weight savings so far and everything is THINwall.

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    Not actually broken, but fork came apart due to a series of mistakes (and the guy is an engineer...)

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    Yup, I've twisted a Boxxer it's entire length. The lowers were bent, the stanchions were bent, and both crowns were bent. The only thing salvageable was the axle.

    It would be pretty hard to have a catastrophic failure in a modern fork unless it was being used well outside it's intended usage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perttime
    Not actually broken, but fork came apart due to a series of mistakes (and the guy is an engineer...)
    damn that guy busted his teeth out and broke his jaw when that fork fell apart, that must have sucked! i would have rather broken an arm or a leg then have my teeth and jaw busted
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