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    Avalanche Hybrid coil and air system - experiences?

    I have searched and tried to find some real world experiences with this system from Avalanche, but not a lot has come up. I have amazing experiences with Avalanche rear shocks (Woodie, Chubie, DHS and a couple of tuned Rear Air shocks such as the Monarch & CTD). They have been far and beyond normal setups for me.

    I have a Rocky Mountain Instinct with a Fox 36 RC2 160mm travel. Although it's a good fork I have a hard time finding the balance between enough suppleness in the beginning of the stroke for techy climbs, and keep enough support mid travel to prevent diving going downhill. I am mostly riding techy trail with lots of roots/rocks (often wet). Decents aren't super long but they are steep. Speeds aren't superhigh.

    Does anyone have hours on this system from Avalanche? It seems like a great system for someone like me, but being from Europe I would love to hear a few words before things get shipped across the atlantic. Vorsprung Luftkappe is an alternative, but I have a soft spot for Ava.

    Described here at the bottom: Dual Coil Conversion Kit Option

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    Hey there, I have it in both my 36 and my 40. I donít have the dual system just the hybrid. Therefor my factory air side is still intact.
    Let me just say that Iím beyond words about the set up. I rad the Avy open bath and it was incredible.. like best fork Iíve ridden but it was ridiculously in its own ballpark. Then a 2 years later I got the hybrid installed (essentially added the coil on top of the cartridge).
    Itís freaking insane!! The small bump and mid stroke support are to levels I never knew existed!! Iíve been pushing hard on it and itís one of those it just keeps getting better and better kinda deals!
    I donít want to try and fluff anything or oversell it in anyways either. But just being honest with you, it is the most insane supple while still having support fork Iíve ever ridden!!! Where I ride too it is a lot of chatter and just rock literally everywhere. I donít want this to sound cheesy either but there are some parts on trails I ride every day now where there are section of small rock chatter and repetitive hits that being dead honest with you, I actually donít even feel anymore because itís so supple!
    My background as well is in racing DH and I would consider myself a somewhat decent tester of all this stuff (not trying to toot my own horn either sir). As in at this point I know what feels good, great, and then what is way beyond great. And of everything Iíve ever ran or tried. This takes the cake by a long shot.

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    Thanks a ton for the feedback. That sounds exactly like what I am after.

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    The way Craig describes it the cartridge is a big step in performance and the coil hybrid is a much smaller, feel-based improvement. He used percentages I probably don't remember correctly, but where the cartridge is like 40-60%, the hybrid is maybe 5-10%.

    Can't say enough about how much I like my Z1 with cartridge, as well as experience with Avy.

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