Any special ways to fine tune your fork with extra/less fluid?-
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    Any special ways to fine tune your fork with extra/less fluid?

    I just have the question because I'm sure there'd be some characteristics that would be beneficial and no doubt that it could be taken too far. But with Loic Bruni being on the Ohlins suspension, I'm sure they dont have factory fluid levels with only two adjustable knobs on the rear shock (aren't there only two knobs?) Idk maybe this is a bad idea? I have a fox factory 36 but only fit4 and 15qrx100mm so it's not super great but I figure I can get the most out of it without upgrading my damper because something is up on it,
    (Down a quick Rabbit trail)
    it (the front wheel) just barely comes off the ground at fully open rebound even after me and my dad serviced the damper but it still did the same thing after servicing it.
    But yeah just wondered about that.

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    The only way turning a fork with oil is by

    1. For air sprung forks this could be use as a method to control air volume, this effecting progression

    2. On open cartridge forks but this has a similar effect to control progression since you are changing the air volume above the open bath

    On closed (Rs charger, Fox fit, etc) or semi close cartridge forks (Fox grip, some Marzocchis) the oil volume will have no effect...

    On closed cartridge forks the oil volume has little effect on fork damping, a lot of forks run this now, and call for very small lubricating oil (for bushings and seals) running a slight amount (5-10 ccs) more probably won’t hurt and will help with friction (provided you invert the fork every so often)

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