"Air Assist" fork

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  • 07-06-2006
    Evader 53
    "Air Assist" fork
    I recently got a new IH and it came stock with some crappy Manitou splice elite fork... I really don't have the money for a new fork right now so this one will have to do until it breaks (which I predict will be soon).

    Anyway, it has some air valve on the top where I could hook up a air pump but I don't know the PSI I should pump into it (I weight 130 lbs) or what the purpose of the air inside even is.

    When I pedal the shock compresses 1 inch, so it is wayy too soft for my liking.


    P.S. Is the manitou minute 1:00 a good fork?
  • 07-06-2006
    It's a preload
    Some forks use an air assist preload rather than a mechanical coil spring type of preload. Your fork has this air assist preload feature. Preload is supposed to be set at about 25% of travel while you sit still on the bike. How mych preload does this mean for you at your weight? My guess is that Answer/Manitou has a recommended setting in some table within their instruction manual. Other than that I would use the trial and error method. Pump 5 PSI into the prelaod, then sit and see how far the fork compresses. Add or remove air in accordance to the 25% sag guideline.