I just replaced all the seals in the air sleeve of my 2019 Fox DPS elite shock (200x51) on my 5010.

Disassembly went fine, reassembly went fine, aired it back up to 200psi and cycled the shock 20 times ever 50psi, but it was making a bit of noise upon compression. I added about 2cc of oil as per the instructions. I assume there was too much oil in the shock so I let all the air out of the shock slowly with shock pump.

Then I started unthreading the body and once that was done the shock POPPED/EXPLODED almost. Enough pressure to pop off the whole support seal on the sealhead.

Looking at the design of the shock I'm confused on how ANY excessive pressure would get into the negative chamber of the shock. The only air in there should be whatever "air" is in the shock body when it's installed onto the shock itself and the sealhead. Very different from servicing a fork where you can minimize air in the negative chamber.

Plus I don't see any holes/valve between the positive and negative chambers on the shock. How do so much air get into the negative chamber? What did I do wrong?