So, I have the 2015 Pike RC SA (27.5) and only problem I have with it is when you close the LSC knob it still is pretty soft. When I have it open it is noticeably softer. AFAIK the damper has never been serviced. I serviced the air side last year in the off season. Should have taken care of the damper then but stupid me didn't order the full service kit.

My question is now that I will service the damper in this off season, should I also take advantage of anything else while I have it apart?

Things considering:
1- changing air spring to DebonAir
2- changing air spring to Luftkappe
3- 3wt RS suspension oil to 2.5
4- reshim rebound and/or compression stack

any other ideas?

I really don't want to spend a ton of $ on this fork as I know it is already limited (i.e., 3rd party tune), and is a bit dated but it works well enough for my bike/riding.

by the by, I am a long time mt biker (~30 yrs, omg) weekend warrior, at 170 lbs, and rides mostly inter with some expert mixed in. No parks, no big drops. Just what Western NY has to offer

Thanks for reading