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    New question here. 2014 Manitou Dorado Pro vs 2019 Suntour Durolux 29

    I won a DH frame at a raffle and am seriously thinking about putting together a DH bike after eons of not having one.

    I don't have money to use for this build so will be relying on donations from teammates who have parts they can spare:

    2014 Manitou Dorado Pro
    2019 Suntour Durolux (yup, single crown)

    The Durolux is light and can be internally adjusted to run 190mm of travel, but it is an enduro fork and I would need to run a mullet setup to make it work.

    The Dorado is a true DH fork with 3 clamps and 2 crowns, which makes it heavy. It's an inverted fork with air chambers for both the positive and negative spring. It's a bit dated but should be good to go after a service.

    Which one is the better choice?

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    The Dorado is a top notch fork by modern standards.

    It was a decade ahead when released, fox are only just catching up (I do like the grip 2, it's the first damper that feels good since first trying a tpc+).

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    Dorado is a fantastic fork. Highly/easily tunable.

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    No contest there.
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