Hey guys, somebody locally is selling a 2012/2013 Boxxer Race/World Cup dual crown fork that I am interested in.

I started to google it as the look for the fork is a bit off compared to the typical Boxxer's with the continued writing on the lowers. This one doesn't and it looks like either the lowers are different or something funky is up.

I cannot find anything similar on google via image search or on Rockshox's site.

Can anybody verify if this is a real fork or does this look like some kind of off setup/hybrid?

The details of the add state:
2012/13 Rockshox Boxxer Race/World Cup

standard boxer race rebound/motion control but has the solo air kit in it as compared to the coil spring.

2012/3 Hybrid Boxxer Race/WC or real?-download_20140625_182117.jpg
2012/3 Hybrid Boxxer Race/WC or real?-download_20140625_182122.jpg
2012/3 Hybrid Boxxer Race/WC or real?-download_20140625_182129.jpg
2012/3 Hybrid Boxxer Race/WC or real?-download_20140625_182140.jpg

Thank you kindly