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    200h/ annual service on lyrik

    So I've ridden my lyrik rc2 a lot since getting my new bike in May and I was wondering if the sram 200h service kit is really needed considering it's high price of 102$ USD ? I'm having a hard time believing all the internal seals need to be replaced after 6 months of hard riding, am I crazy or not ?

    I was planning on changing the wiper seals/foam rings, bleeding the damper and cleaning the lowers. The spring side is a vorsprung coil so no rings in there to change at all.

    Let me know what you guys think, I don't think most people get that kit every year right ?

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    Just do a lowers service & seals & you should be OK. Honestly a lowers service every 30-50 hours is all I ever plan on doing. I do notice a decrease in performance around that time When the damper goes or starts to act up that I'll work on it.

    Not sure if your fork has the plastic washers & metal cups on the bottom, if it does you can buy those in packs of 50 and be set for the life of the fork & still have a ton to use in the future. I think seal kits for those are only like $15.
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    Yeah I have a bag of 50 of those metal/plastic crush washers. The only thing that worries me is the sealhead in the damper, don't know if I should change that seal

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