(I've copied this into it's own thread from the "Marz tech support is here" thread, since there hasn't been any Marz tech support there for a while :-)

Seems like Tom is out working and/or riding this time of year...haven't heard much from him here in a while. But I'll ask anyway, maybe some fellow Marz riders can answer.

I have an '09 44 ATA fork (not the micro) with 100 - 140mm adjustable travel. Looking for basic service instructions (tips on opening it up, measuring oil levels, changing oil, and anything else that should be looked at while I'm in there, without getting too carried away) The fork is working nicely, but there seems to be a lot of initial stiction....when I first press down on it from a fully extended position. Once it's properly sagged and I'm riding it seems OK. Maybe it will get better as it breaks in? I've only been riding it a month, ~100 miles.

And something new....It doesn't seem to be using the last ~20mm of travel. Even with no air in it, it won't compress fully.

As usual, the Marz manual and website has no service instructions and the oil volume chart doesn't even list the 2009 forks!

Thanks for any clues you've got for me! I do all my own wrenching, but haven't done much fork work....yet.


(edit: Tom did supply me with an oil volume recommendation of 50cc max in each side a couple months back, but a "dipstick measurement" figure would be good to know)