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    2005 Manitou Minute 2-Typical Schraeder Type Air Pump?

    I ordered a 2005 Manitou Minute 2 recently. Does anybody know if the manitou minute 2 uses a different fork pump other than the typical Schraeder type fork pump? I was on Manitou-Answer's website and they had two styles of pumps, one was for regular forks/shocks and the other was for SPV. I was wondering what the difference is?

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    The two air pumps use the same schrader...

    air chuck. The difference is the max pressure that they are rated for. This is the reason for the two different pumps. The SPV chamber usually requires considerably less air for a given pressure because the chamber is so small as compared to the main chamber. This requires some fussy attention to air pressure settings because as little as 2psi can make a LAGE difference in performance. The SPV pump is a low pressure design, usually 0 to 150 or 175psi, and the air gauge is calibrated accordingly in smaller increments, usually 2 psi. High pressure pumps usually run 0 to 300psi and are callibrated in 5psi increments. The lower pressure pump allows for more accurate inflation of the SPV chamber for easier tuning. Using a high pressure (0-300) air pump to set the pressure in an SPV chamber is like trying to drive a finishing nail with a hand sledge, it'll do it, but your gonna mark the wood. The lower pressure "SPV" pump makes it WAY easier to make fine adjustments to pressure. It can be done with a high pressure pump in a pinch, but it's a PITA!

    Anyway, the main chamber and SPV chamber take the same standard type of air chuck, so any standard shock pump will work. But I would HIGHLY recommend a low pressure pump for the SPV chamber. Sure you end up with two pumps, but it makes SPV adjustments MUCH easier.

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