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    15mm Thru-Axle Bent In Crash

    I had a decent OTB crash off of a little booter on a ride a few days ago; nothing exceptionally big, but still enough to stop me for 30 seconds to recover mentally. Did a quick trailside survey of the bike, the only damage I could see was that the stem had shifted slightly on the steerer tube.

    I finished out the ride and did a more through inspection at the car. Both wheels were still true, bars looked straight, and with a quick adjustment, the stem was lined up again.

    The front wheel still looked like it was sitting crooked in the lowers, so I went to remove the wheel. I quickly realized that the thru axle itself was bent; luckily not so bent that I couldn't get it out. I tested my wheel and fork with the same style thru-axle from my buddies identical fork; everything appears to go in smoothly and line up correctly with the un-bent thru-axle.

    The axle is a cam-closure style thru axle on a 15x110mm fork. It bent closer to the drive-side of the axle, probably somewhere between where the hubs drive-side bearing and bearing endcap would sit. Neither the threads or thread relief groove appear to have been damaged (which is normally the weakest part of the system). The front hub does not use a dedicated internal axle; perhaps this could have put more stress on the axle in the crash.

    Anyone have an experience like this? I'm going to reach out to the manufacturer to see what they say about this before I post anything about the make/model of the fork. Perhaps 20mm needs to make a comeback

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    Yeah. I've seen this from someone who went nose-heavy into a landing that was still soft, the front wheel turned and then taco'ed, and it also cracked his through-axle. Additionally I have multiple friends who have cracked/failed a 142x12 rear through-axle (DT Swiss type with the integrated lever you can pull to set position and then turn directly to torque, not a quick-release), not in a wreck, more one of those "just riding along" kind of things.

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    I would be more willing to bet that it was loose and that's why it's bent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twodownzero View Post
    I would be more willing to bet that it was loose and that's why it's bent.
    I can absolutely confirm that it was properly tightened when the crash occurred.

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