I just acquired new take-off Float 150mm RL 2010 for my new build. Riding currently TALAS FIT RLC 2009. I usually inflate the TALAS to 60-65 psi for proper sag.
Have yet to install the Float (and quite a bit of time will pass until will have the chance - the build is slow), but just playing with it by hands I notice that at the same pressure the Float feels much more plush (or should I say soft) then the feeling I used to on my TALAS (when set to 140mm).

Does it sound fair that Float RL models need usually higher air pressures for given SAG/plushness then TALAS fork at comparable extension ? Perhaps that is influence of difference between FIT and Open Bath ? (RL model comes with Open Bath, not FIT) ?
Or probably TALAS being RLC needs particular Compression setting to match Float feeling ?