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    140 mm fork on a trance?

    I was wondering if they 07 140 mm fox rlc was too much for a giant trance? Thanks for any help


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    Bret that depends on a couple of things.....

    the biggest being is whether or not you like the handling characteristics of your Trance the way it is now.

    Going from a 100mm (3.9") travel fork to a 140mm (5.5") travel fork will definately change the way the bike handles and climbs. You'd be rasing the front end of the bike a minimum of 1.6". This may not sound like much but it will have affects that you may or may not want. It will slow the handling of the bike down, i.e. it won't turn or respond as quickly to handle bar input as it does now. This is due to a slackening of the head angle. The Trance is designed to have a 70.5 degree head angle with a 100mm fork, going to a 140mm fork would slacken the angle to approximately 68.5 degrees, slowing the handling down quite a bit. And it will affect the climbing characteristics of the bike. You'll need to move your body position forward more while climbing to compensate for the higher front end as the increase in front end height will move your weight more to the rear. This can also affect high speed turning characteristics as well. The bike won't hold high speed turns as well without weighting the front end more because there is less weight forward with the higher front end. Unweighting the front end decreases traction.

    So would the 140mm RLC be too much for the Trance. It all depends on whether or not you are willing to put up with and compensate for the negative effects the additional fork length will have on the bikes handling and geometry. Personally I'd recommend sticking with a 100mm travel fork, or an adjutable travel fork that includes 100mm of travel in the adjustment range. You may like the additional travel and have no problem with the transition. Then again with the Fox RLC 140 if you don't like it your stuck with it!!! However with an adjustable travel fork you can drop the travel to maintain handling, and crank it up anytime you feel the need.

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    well i cant say much about the Trance but i do have a Marin full suspension that is 100mm in back and came with a 90 to 12mm fork. i recently went with a 140mm vanilla and absolutely love the handling weather going up or down.

    it might be my riding style,i tend to lean into corners and not turn to much so maybe thats why it doesnt bother me.

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