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    05 RS Reba vs. 05 Marzocchi MX Pro ETA

    I recently picked up an '04 Jamis Dakota XC frame and have been trying to find the perfect fork for it. I am 5'11 180 lbs and a fairly agressive XC rider and hopefully racer soon.

    I want a fork that has 100mm of travel based on the terrain I ride, from what I've read in other posts my frame seems to do ok with that much travel even though it was designed around 80. I'm not one to replace a fork every year so I want something that is going to last for about 5 years and my budget is about $375 tops. I have never had good luck with Manitou forks so I want to steer clear of those. My two main contenders are the 05 RS Reba and. 05 Marzocchi MX Pro ETA

    I like the Reba because it has adjustable travel in case 100mm ends up being too much for the frame's geometry. I also like that it is very adjustable and fairly lightweight. My biggest reservation is with its questionable long term durability based on other RS products I've owned and availability of spare parts in the future, I have heard the quality has improved but I'm not sure its up to Marzocchi's standards.

    I like the the MX Pro because of Marzocchi's durability and general build quality plus it is about $100 cheaper right now. The things I don't like are the weight and no adjustability of the travel, if its too much I'm stuck with it.

    Any opinons on either would be appreciated or suggestions of different forks that I havn't mentioned, also any opinions on the amount of travel I should go with would be great too.

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    Screw it. Go with a fox.
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    azmtbkr81, I asked about the same thing a while back,here is the thread.
    The general opinion was REBA.
    Hope that helps


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    I think you should go with the Marzocchi. They offer incredible durability, are easy with maintenance and stuff. Look good, work really nice.

    I own a Pike, quite similar fork to the Reba. And I have had quite a couple of problems, had to get it back to the shop 3 times. And here in Germany there are quite a couple of people who had to send their 05 Rock Shox forks back to SRAM.

    But I admit, they work really good, Motion Control is a very good damping system. But from the impression I got from your post, you should go with the Marzocchi. She offers better long time qualities ;-)

    Greetings Znarf

    Ps: Sorry for my bad english, I am from Germany, just practising a bit!

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    Apples and Oranges

    The Reba is the higher-end fork of those two. It has adjustable travel, more sophisticated damping, more tuning options, lighter weight, etc.

    A more direct comparison would be the Reba and something from Marzocchi's Marathon series. The MX is a great fork but it's toward the lower-end of Marzocchi's cross-country lineup. That's why it's less money than the Reba.

    The MX will be a great fork for the money. But if you can swing the extra cash, get the Reba.
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    No brainer to me, get the Reba, much lighter, better dampining, much more adjustable for racing setup. I wouldn't be worried about long term reliability, you should be able to get parts for 5 years since the design is only 1 year old. Also, if you have an issue with Marzocchi their customer service is less than stellar, with some people reporting having trouble getting their forks back for months.
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