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    shimano m987 brakes, rear always softer then front

    Despite bleeding and rebledding, my rear brake has the lever going further then the front brake and it is anoying. It seems to stiffen up if I brake once. Say im descending, I brake once, release the brake and brake again and then the lever will be as stiff as the front one.

    If I havent braked for a while, it goes a bit too far for my liking. Say the front lever is 3cm away from the grip when braking, the rear will be 2,5cm or a bit less, all that, with brand new pads front and rear, and same rotor.

    any idea?

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    Silly question here, but did you check the reach on the lever? Grab a ruler and line it up with the end of the lever blade, and see what you get. What you are describing is usually a dead ringer for that.

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    Sounds like the rear is pumping up... I have the same issue... Probably air in the caliper, as I only did the funnel lever pump bleed... Going to try again with the caliper hanging below the lever, like the front brake... That should help get the bubble out...

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    I tried something

    I installed the funnel on the lever, put some oil in the funnel and then gently pull the brake lever, the air started getting out, about 30 bubbles!!!!

    Now the brake lever feels great, hopefully it solved the issue.

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