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    PD-M8000 axle snapped

    So I'm either a very lucky man or a terribly unlucky one.

    I ride the PD-M785 on my MTB for a while now.

    Wanted to change my Candy 3s on the SS commuter/road to an SPD compatible set to use the same shoes for both.

    Bought a pair of PD-M8000 off the big *express website (don't judge).
    They arrived looking nice and fresh, box looks original, colors, graphics, everything. the only thing that was missing are the plastic bags that wraps the pedals individually (blue and red for right and left), did not pay much attention to that at first. They even had the cleats inside.

    Took the Candies off and placed the 8000s on, shims and grease as I have a thousand times before.
    Next morning I rode to work and they feel great.On the afternoon I ride back home, mostly on the tarmac, zigzagging between traffic.
    About 25 ft from from the doorstep I push on the right pedal out of a turn and the axle snaps right next to threads. I crash and bruise my elbow and back. Lucky this wasn't on the tarmac.

    Later the local retailer suggests that the pair are counterfeit based on the fact that the letters on the pedal are for July 2015 and the model was introduced on 2016-17, the phone number for the EUR center in different and some other details.

    Now .. the thing is, I cant find any reference online, to any pedal axle, original or counterfeit, snapping like that! There ware some broken in the middle or something, but nothing like this, and that got me wondering about other axles as well.. Could I really be a singular case? I find that hard to believe.

    Please write your thoughts and comments as I do think this issue needs to be explored.

    *Did I over-tighten? Did the same thing I did so many times before ( was a mechanic for a couple of years at some LBS) If so Others should be aware! Original or not.

    *Was I applying to much force? -Put my foot hard on the pedal? if somebody wants to calculate the force: Im 66kg pressing on a 172.5 gossamer 386 megaevo crank, attached to 44/14 SS, 700c wheels and a 32c tire.

    Cheers for wearing a helmet!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PD-M8000 axle snapped-m8000-fail-2.jpg  

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    PD-M8000 axle snapped-img_20190920_090630.jpg  

    PD-M8000 axle snapped-img_20190920_090702_2.jpg  

    PD-M8000 axle snapped-img_20190923_184301.jpg  

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    Looking like pre production to me!
    Shimano pre production come in standard packaging and the only thing different is a small note saying for photos only.
    I had a front derailluer like this by accident.

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    Interesting. Never heard of this before.
    Do you have a photo of this note?

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    Never saw that...ever. I've ridden Shimano clips since mid 80's and most of my buddies has as well. I can't even remember if they were called SPD's back then but they have always been bullet proof. Lots of rock gardens and wet/mucky conditions here (CT) so pedal strikes are unavoidable. Over time the aluminum bodies get ground down bad but they keep working!
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    Is the lettering on the sticker in the last photo Chinese or Japanese?

    One ride? They're either counterfeit or for display only.

    Don't buy crap on sketchy websites where there is no accountability for the seller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DogThree View Post
    Interesting. Never heard of this before.
    Do you have a photo of this note?
    Hi sorry no.
    The photo product samples are never supposed to be seen by anyone apart from media.
    It was very quickly replaced and the simple returned.
    I did get to see simples of the XTR 12 speed and the 2x crank inner chainring was plastic after the dealer event all were sent back to Japan.

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