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    M540 Pedal clicking

    I have a relatively new set of M540 pedals. Bought them new because I have another set on a different bike that have been bomb proof, so I went with a known pedal. The new ones click like mad on the up stroke. Cosmetically they are new, 175 miles on them. So nothing stands out. Here's what I've done to try and find the issue.

    1. Lube, clean and re lube the spring.
    2. Tighten all screws on the body
    3. Tighten spring tension full on and then full off still clicks
    4. Replace cleats on shoe. I use the same shoes for both bikes.
    5. Remove pedal and grease threads in crank

    Any ideas or thoughts

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    Wow, that's a tough one. Are you sure it's the pedal? I've often seen (heard) of cranks and other drivetrain parts putting out a clicking sound.

    Do you know if it is the right side or left side pedal? Maybe try swapping both and then one pedal at a time. Good luck. Then maybe you can swap parts between the two pedals?

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    Yeah, steal a set of pedals from another bike, and see if the problem goes away. Shimano pedals are freaky reliable, although it is possible that the bearing nut came loose inside. You can remove the entire spindle assembly pretty easily to take a look. There is basically a whole cup and cone bearing system in there, with loose balls the size of a grain of fine couscous. Don't take apart the cup and cones unless you have a nice big clean workspace and a rag to trap any loose bits that want to roll away.

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