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Thread: FC-M521 removal

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    FC-M521 removal


    I am trying to remove the Shimano FC-M521 cranks from my 2011 Spec Camber. I used the Park Tool CWP-7 and easily removed the right crank arm. However, when going to remove the left crank arm, it seems the thread that the CWP-7 tool would fit into to extract the arm off the octalink spline is reverse threaded. I have no idea how to get this off. All the park tool videos and manuals I've found conveniently leave off showing the left crank arm removal.

    Am I missing something with the CWP-7 tool that somehow it can be reconfigured to work on the left side?

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    You are missing something. the threads on that left crank arm are not reverse thread. It's possible they could be damaged or cross threaded though. The other thing could be if you didn't reset the tool enough for it to get a hold on the internal threads of the crank.

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    Yep you're right. It was a bit cross threaded at the opening which initially made me too cautious and think it was reverse threaded. Looked more closely in the morning and I was able to thread the nut in. False alarm and pebkac

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