22t-36t Chainrings

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  • 08-20-2012
    22t-36t Chainrings

    I've got some Saint M805 cranks on a VP-Free. I've never ridden the bike with dual chainrings so I'm not sure how it's going to go.

    I want to use a 22t granny, 36t middle, 36t bash guard, and a Saint M805 front derailleur. I'm going 2x10 and want to use a Sram 11-36 cassette and X9 rear derailleur.

    Will I be able to change chainrings easily, going from 22-36? Will I get much chain rub on the front derailleur in the granny?

  • 08-25-2012
    Hey, i was considering a similar setup a few months ago. Ultimately i went with 24-36T + 11-32T cassette (9 speed).

    I chose 24-36T because i didn't want to have any shifting issues, but more importantly because my medium cage rear derailleur has a max capacity of only 33T.

    22-36T will probably work fine and you wouldn't even have to change the front derailleur's mount position. If it doesn't shift smoothly you can always get 24T granny, they're pretty cheap.

    PS. I hear X0 is now available in 22-36T, so that's a good sign.
  • 08-26-2012
    I've actually bought a 38t, 24t, and 22t. Haven't received them yet. I'm thinking if the 22-38 combo doesn't work, the 24-38 might. I may even have to go 24-36, but I haven't bought a 36, the current 24/22 experiment is much cheaper.