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    12 speed adjustment (chain length)

    I got my Ibis Ripley LS built with Shimano 12 by my LBS. I have XT shifter and SLX casette (10-51T) and rear deraillure. It has a 32T front ring on XT cranks. It just doesn't shift right. On the stand the 51 clicks and in the mid gears shifting to a smaller ring doesn't shift or is really slow. I adjusted the cable tension, end adjustment screw all over from aligned to the marker to way off. I adjusted the low adjustment bolt all over. Things only get marginally better. My current guess is the chain is too short. I asked the mechanic and he said that he used all the links that came with the SLX chain. I saw a picture at:

    My top and bottom positions don't look like this picture. It looks like I have less links.

    Can someone tell me how many links you have for the above teeth counts?



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    Can you post any pictures of your derailleur in those positions?
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    Check your derailleur hanger with an alignment tool. If that is the issue you won’t ever get it dialed in until you straighten it out. It can cause problems even when the bend is not/barely visible.

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    If the chain is too short it will negatively affect shifting only in the biggest cassette cog. I think your problem is something else.
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    This sounds like it could be a kinked cable. I see this quite often in the shop. In the lower gears, the kink is outside the housing. As soon as the damaged cable gets in to the housing, the shifting gets slow. A mechanic may reduce cable tension to get it to shift better in the mid/higher gears. When this is done, the derailleur doesn't hit the largest cog correctly and results in the clicking.
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