Santa Cruz 5010 or Solo Fork Travel Experiences-
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    Santa Cruz 5010 or Solo Fork Travel Experiences

    So I know there are similar threads out about changing the forks on a Solo and I have been part of them. I would like this thread to focus solely on how you feel the different travel forks performed, not if it's a good idea or not. There are lots of people running 130mm-160mm and nobody has died yet so lets leave warranty and safety issues at the door or in another thread.

    Myself, I have a 5010 C and have been running a 2014 Fox TALAS. I have mainly ridden it at 160mm (after thinking it was 150mm, I was misinformed about the travel) and recently have been doing tests with it at 130mm. My plan has always been to swap it for my 160mm DPA Pike from another bike and change the travel down once I dialed in the ideal travel length.

    Initially I found that the TALAS at 160mm was a good ride, it ate up everything but I found that I was having a lot of trouble getting the suspention set up properly, I had a lot of issues using all the travel on the front and rear and having it feel balanced. The climbing was never an issue as I just drop it to 130mm, climbing at 160mm would be ugly though. The 5010 at 160mm was killing going strait down a steep, rocky section but did feel odd in corners, not bad but odd. After some measurement of it vs my Pike I then realized it was a 160mm fork. Thats when I really looked into the 130mm setting.

    At 130mm the bike is completely different, I thought it rode well at 160mm (and it does) but it was waaay better at 130mm. The bike corners way better since it has better weight over the front, so much easier to manouver in tight areas, easier to hop around and over things, easier to accelerate up little rock climbs ect. Just better and I'm a long travel guy so this was significant. Even flying over the gnar it seemed basically the same as at 160mm since at the lower setting the rear travel was now functioning better and matching up better with the front. Over all it was just faster and more enjoyable. Over jumps it was different, the launch angle seemed better at 160mm but the landing was again more balanced at 130mm.

    Im soon going to put my Pike on but I'm not sure on 140mm VS 150mm. I think 140mm is a better idea since I could still shred at 130mm, the extra bit will just give me a bit more confidence I think. I will report back when I swap in the next few weeks. Along with the Pike I will be putting a zero rise stem vs the 6* thats on there so the bars should be right where they were at 130mm. I think that this is a good way to look at it:

    No matter what this bike jumps well and shreds over rough/tough terrain but other characteristics can be tweaked with travel:

    130mm- Good for fast flow, tight corners, XC oriented trails
    140mm- Should give a little more confidence than 130mm, especially jumping. Keep an eye on cockpit hieght and the cornering can be maintained.
    150mm- Bit better in tight stuff that 160mm but corners will be effected with the weight really starting to lift off that front wheel.
    160mm- Bit unbalanced, corners feel good until you ride at lower travel. If you are bombing down big stuff you'll like it but I don't know of any magical hills that you dont have to ride uphill to get to the good stuff. If you are just doing the stuff that this bikes likes at 160mm get a Bronson (never thought I would say that).

    Looking forward to hearing other peoples experiences so people just getting into this venture can make a good decision.
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    So I now have the 160mm Pike on my 5010 and honestly it is waaay better than the 160mm TALAS, I still aggree with the masses that 160mm is too much travel for this bike but I also think that 160mm is too much travel for the TALAS. The stiffness of the Pike is noticable and really does make cornering better and more responsive. Im undecided now if I want to drop it down to 150mm or 140mm, either way I have the DPA model so climbing is not an issue. I ran the bike in a 50km marathon race last week and had zero complaints about performance for climbing or decending. The course was not tight going downhill though, no switchback corners which is where I think the longer fork will hurt it. I had a blast riding this bike! I will takie it out to my local trails in the next few weeks and put it through a bunch of different scenerios before deciding on how far down to drop it. Stay tuned!

    Nobody else has input?

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    Pike 150mm


    I have the same bike as you, with a Fox 34 140 mm fork. The bike is great! Nonetheless I want it a bit burlier for when things get rough. I am considering a pike 150mm fork. Have you tried this on yours? How was it?

    Many thanks for any comments

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    I am riding an x fusion slant set to 27.5 at 130mm. don't write it off because it is not one of the big name forks. I have owned forks from all the big names and this thing is plush, stout and balanced.

    I thought I would want to bump the travel up to 140mm at least but I am afraid to lose what I have. At 130 mm this bike handles and corners better than any bike I have ever owned and I have owned a lot. My last ride had 150mm of travel. This bike climbs better, corners better, and I am even more confident on the downs. I point it where I want to go and go. If I want to change direction I do so when I want to. It stays extremely well composed through loose rocks. It also rips the loose over hardpack of Colorado at will. I am having more fun on this bike than any bike I have ever owned. It Flat out Rips!

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    On Pinkbike today they detail Jared Graves' Yeti and he is running 160 on his 127mm frame - I guess it hasn't hurt his riding.

    I run 150 on my Solo and really like it.

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    I've ridden my 5010c with the stock 130 Fox 32 which was OK but not stiff enough and bottomed too easily when set plush. Turning on faster and tighter sections was very good. I switched to a X-Fusion Sweep lowered to 140 which did raise the front end up some but I also run more sag so the turning and climbing was not affected much.

    Stiffness, plushness, and control were improved exponentially. I agree with thenry on the XFusion being a great fork and worth looking at.

    The other one to look at is the MRP Stage. You can go 150-160 without gaining much in front end height because it has a shorter A2C than Pike and Fox. I really like this fork as well and will be my first upgrade on my new bike.

    I think 140-150mm is the sweet spot for the 5010. (Disclaimer: I have not tried a 160mm fork on it)
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    I ran the original 32mm fox 130mm fork for around 4-5 months; and I must say I was extremely disappointed in the bikes cornering performance and thought I had brought the wrong bike.
    I changed to a 150mm Pike reduced to 140mm and cornering was awesome. Not too mention the confidence the fork inspires when descending hard.
    I have upgraded my Pike to use FAST suspension internals and I'm completely happy with my new Enduro ready short travel bike.
    I love the 140mm fork and think it reduces (but not eliminate) pedal strikes.
    I also have a slightly longer stroke shock (200x53) as well; with the back close to 130mm too more closely match the 140mm front.

    Go SOLO!

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