I've owned my Blur LT since last June and I've serviced the VPP upper and lower pivots twice. Is this a normal period for most people?

I ride about 30 miles per week minimum, up to 60 during the summer months. I basically ride all year round here, where it's either dusty and dry in the summer/fall or dirty/muddy in the winter/spring. So far, I've only done the complete service when the bike starts creaking under heavy pedal load because the noise bugs the hell out of me.

Anyone else have the same experience?

Just to clarify, this is what I do:

1. Remove upper and lower links, bolts, pivots.
2. Clean everything
3. Re-apply thread locker as required
4. Re-assemble, tighten/torque to spec
5. Re-grease lower link via zertz fittings.