American Airlines F'ed up my SL-
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    Soy Chingon
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    American Airlines F'ed up my SL

    So I flew American Airlines to NYC to do the NY Five Boro Tour. I flew from San Diego, had a lay over at LAX and arrived in NYC around 12:30 am. West Coast to East Coast flights suck as it is, but when I opened my bike travel case I saw that the large and second front chainrings on my SL were smashed in half and the rear cassette was loose and came off the rear axel. I was pretty upset after that, but thought OK, I can find a bike store get the parts and fix it. I wont let it ruin my trip. I found a bike store in the city the next morning and bought what I needed, so I thought. I also called American Airlines, went to talk to them in person at the airport and made a complaint.

    Saturday evening after hanging out with the family and doing some site seeing I came back to my brother's place to put my SL back together. After changing out the chain rings, the rear cassette and putting on the new chain I bought things got worst. After messing with the derailleur for a while I noticed that it just wasn't going back to its normal position. The derailleur was busted too. By this time it was too late to find an open bike store and I knew there wasn't going to be one open at seven in the morning. My trip was ruined.

    I have flown with my bike using Southwest before and my bike was in one piece. American Airline completely ruined my trip. I've had a great time visiting family and hanging out in the city, but my main reason for coming was to do the Five Boro Tour. I'm very upset with American Airlines. I'm sure I'll be busy for the next month or more writing and calling trying to get some sort of compensation.

    If anyone out there is planning on traveling with their sports equipment DO NOT fly American Airlines.




    Soy Chingon

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    Sorry for you mate. Looks like a shark has attacked your crankset! How rough would you have to be to do that? I couldn't bust my cranks if I tried.
    Good luck in getting compensation.

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    Soft case?

    It's not necessarily the airline - TSA inspects all bags and bikes are included. Those 'tards are have no respect for personal property. I travel with a Trico Iron Case, they're bomber and I've never had any problems in 10+ flights with my bike.

    Cardboard bike boxes are better than soft sided bike bags too.

    sorry your bike got damaged.
    Earn your turns. )'(

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    I hate to mention this

    but a soft case for your bike is asking for trouble. Hard cases protect you bike better. I think any airline would have been at fault. My hard case looks like its been beat up but the bikes have not been damagedin six trips now. I wish companies would stop making the soft cases because all airlines treat lugage like UPS treats boxes.

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    Looks like they love their jobs....
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    I'd be more than happy to send you a outer chainring from and LX crankset - BARELY used, free if it helps you get back out riding!!

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    i try and plan ahead. i have my bike shipped. it cost's less and i'm not worried about the tsa trashing my ride. that is some pretty sever damage to your bike!

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    Love the vid (thanks Mudd). We have just seen mankind's missing link...alive and well!

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    Damn, that sucks

    I have zero love for the airline industry; flying grey dogs at best. I would never trust those jokers with my bike or anything of value unless I pack it in a very durable or tough container. I have used a Trico Iron Case for over 8 years with never any trouble. It is seriously strong. You'll be back up soon and spend the dough for a strong case too.
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    Damn man, that really bites and as said WTF did they do to bust those chainrings like that Not sure how they would have managed to F'up the cassette, looks like the spacer is gone between your 6th & 7th cogs. id seriously follow this up and make sure I got reimbursed for everything. Next time hard case it.

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    That is a shame.

    Good Luck with the airline. They tend to operate like the consumer owes them something, and that means that they just don't care what you think or how they treat you.
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