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    New question here. 2018 Blur vs. Blur TR

    I'm currently riding a Blur TRc in the SF Bay Area. Do mostly XC type rides, and I've always thought that this bike is a bit too much bike for what we have in the area. After reading this article. I had a couple of questions for those that have ridden the new Blur:

    1. The new Blur has a steeper head angle but has a longer wheelbase and reach, how does it handle in tight turns (switchbacks)?
    2. Can you lock out just the rear?
    3. My current groupset is XT, is the entry level 2018 Blur have an equivalent component set or is it more XTR?
    4. Would you consider the new blur an 29er XC version of the old Blur or a XC version of the Tallboy?

    My previous bike was a Superlight which I absolutely loved how it handled, but didn't like how it climbed.

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    1. I can't comment about switchbacks as we don't really have those here in Dallas. What we do have is tons of tight twisty off camber turns. This bike excels at those. I am just railing tight turns like never before.
    2. The base model comes with a 3 mode on shock switch. The rest have a 1 button dual lockout.
    3. The entry level is 11 speed sram NX. It's ok, although the cassette is very heavy.
    4. I never rode a VPP bike before this. But in my mind it's like an XC 2nd gen tallboy.

    I really love this bike I think it would be perfect for the trails I rode up in Bay Area. China camp, etc.

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    I had a TRc until last year, and have been on a Blur 3 since early April, so I'll take a stab at your questions:

    1. My TRc was an XL so the wheelbase was pretty close to my L Blur. It's definitely more on the "stable" side for an XC bike, but is not slowing me down in the tight stuff compared to other bikes I've ridden with >1" shorter wheelbase. If it's tight and techy, the extra stability can really come in handy, as it doesn't get knocked off line easily and has a general sense of calm.

    2. I have mine set up to do just that, but that's with a 34 on the front. I'm not sure what modifications you might need to make to the stock fork though if you weren't running a remote lockout to it.

    3. I don't quite follow your question. The entry R model has SRAM NX components that are more the "equivalent" of Shimano Deore. They should work fine, but there are four other models (including one with XT) to suit your taste/budget.

    4. Yes.

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