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    Woodsmoke: 27.5+ or 29+?

    Hi, all. I'm very interested in the Woodsmoke, and I'm wondering, for those of you that have ridden it, do you prefer it set up with 27.5+ tires, or 29+?

    I've only ever ridden a standard 29er, so both sizes are new to me. I'm interested in giving this plus thing a try, with the option to go back to 29 if it isn't my thing. I'd likely eventually build up multiple wheelsets, but I'd prefer to buy a complete bike to start, and I'm not sure which option to go with.

    It doesn't make it easier that I adore the paint job on both the orange/blue 27.5+ and the olive 29+...

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    I only rode one once, in 27.5+ guise , but Ive had a lot of experience on a 29+ fatbike conversion and I say get the 29+. If for some reason you dont like a 29 x 3.0 tire, the internal width of the Sun Ringle rims is 41mm so you could put some Maxxis WT 29er tires on there and have your standard 29er. I see no reason to choose smaller wheels, especially on a hardtail, if your're over 5'6" , and if your not a jibber focused on "tricks" and your probably not the latter since you're looking at a salsa woodsmoke.

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    I am 5'10" and a half, with 5'11" and a half wingspan, so I usually size as 5'11". And indeed, I'm not looking to do any kind of tricks.

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