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    Why are the Timberjack models so misleading?

    Both bikes' names are extremely misleading in terms of kit spec.

    Timberjack SLX, the RD and shifter are the only things that are SLX on the entire bike.
    Timberjack GX, only the RD is GX.

    Technically yes, there are parts on the bike that correspond with the name of the bike but no one will say that just a RD or RD and shifter is enough to make a bike after a product range from an OEM.

    Blatant attempt to capitalize on product recognition while speccing the minimum amount of kit as possible.

    Btw, I'm not all piss n vinegar here. I think the frameset is great.

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    This is a pretty standard bike industry naming convention. I don't love it either, but consumers are ultimately responsible for knowing what they are buying.

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    It still seems like you’re getting a lot of bike for the $ when looking at other comparably spec’d Bikes on the market.

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    commencals meta ht am is way, WAY more bike than the slx model for $100 less.

    additionally, why does the "top model" bike get 30mm stanchions? realistically, all 4 models are xc biased but the gx version gets a more trail worthy fork, even if its a bit better.

    i dunno about naming a model as a drivetrain. this is the first ive seen, there certainly could be other models. i do understand that product mgrs mix parts up and down the line and even across brands to get a certain price point.

    imo, its deceptive to name a bike after a model line but only include 1 or 2 pieces from that line.

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    I think the geometry is the most misleading part about the Timberjack. All of the numbers are listed sagged, which I have seen a few people not realize.

    The reach in particular is deceptive. On the medium, the reach is listed at 431mm, but if you look closely you see this is with a 499mm fork length. Most unsagged 27.5+ 120mm forks are 531mm a2c.

    That puts the unsagged reach at 415mm, which is actually very short for a medium modern trail hardtail. The SC Chameleon is 440mm and the Honzo is 450mm for the same size (at 530mm fork length.)

    In my case the true reach (415mm) is only 10mm more than my previous XC bike and I have to use an 80mm stem with mine, where I could use a much more appropriate 45-60mm stem with the honzo/chameleon.

    The seat tube angle is also just wrong. It's listed at 73.5 sagged, which would be 72 unsagged. In my case it is about 73.75 unsagged and I have to use a setback post to get my pedaling position. Almost 2 degrees difference versus what is listed...

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    wow, nice info you gathered!

    i believe that to be an industry wide problem, measuring standards aren't recognized across all brands.

    really seems like this bike is just a pricepoint bike with a focus of maximizing profits vs making a bike people want.

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    Along the same lines, the Vaya Deore. The only Deore part on there is the rear derailer, which isn't even compatible with the shifters.

    Not to mention that the Sora mech that matches the shifters will accommodate the gears they put on there.

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