• 03-23-2015
    What is the largest double crank on your Fargo Ti?
    I'm setting up my 2012 LG Ti Fargo for DK200 and wanted to run a 46/36. It currently has a 38/24 and I spin out on Michigan dirt roads. Spec sheet says it will take "any" mtb double or triple. I know you can get an XTR in 46/36 so I tried a Sram Apex 46/36 (already had a GXP BB installed) and rings crash into chain stay before all the way in....
    I know the stock build (mine was bought as frame set) came with XT 26/36/48 but I assume the 48 works due to the larger Q Factor on a triple??
    Help, if you have a Ti Fargo with a double crank, what brand and what size rings are you running?

  • 03-26-2015

    I know this is not much help, but since there hasn't been much follow up, figured recommending sending an email to [email protected] couldn't hurt. They can be very helpful and usually reply pretty quickly.

    Good luck
  • 03-26-2015
    I have called them and usually can get someone to help.