• 04-13-2005
    Just J
    What fork for a Salsa Ala Carte

    I have a 2004 Salsa Ala Carte which is a lovely bike, built up to about 24lbs but the forks (Manitou Skareb Comps) bite!

    That's a little unfair, they are an out and out XC fork, made for little whippets, I weight 15.5 stone and have the standard spring in as far as I'm aware.

    But the forks just aren't suited to my type of riding, so I am going to try using some Marzocchi All Mountain SL's on it and give it a go. I know it will slacken the geometry, and it wont climb quite as well, but I think the enjoyment I''ll gain everywhere else will certainly make up for that!

    What do you think?
  • 04-13-2005
    Little Willy
    G'day mate, cant help you with experience, but i will shortly be recieving an '05 Ala Carte which will be so schweet.
    I was gonna put a 100mm fork on it, but kinda wanted to go the extra oomph to a 115mm REBA.

    As i understand, the All mountain forks are 130-150mm travel, and even then they have a taller axle to crown height than comaprable 150mm forks.

    Ive seen the Ala Carte setup with with 80 and 100mm forks, and the site says the fork length (axle to crown) is 441mm with an 80mm fork giving a 71degree head angle.
    So i dont think 130mm travel is such a good idea.

    Is your skareb 80 or 100mm travel?
    How does it ride, is it twitchey downhills, does the front wheel wander on steep uphills, does the front wheel lose traction first when you lean over in the corners?

    I had a skareb a while ago on a race hardtail, and i dont believe it is the most refined suspension action around, but it is light and does what it is meant to do.
    Swapping out to a Fox 80-100mm fork will make a difference because they are more linear in their action and have a 'smoother' feel.

    I reckon it would be worth going to your loyal LBS, bunging on an adjustable travel fork (if they let you borrow it for a little while) then seeing how the bike rides with the different travel positions.

    Some bikes take longer forks more easily than others, so it might work well.

    I would like a 115mm Reba, but will probably go the 100mm, or either a Fox Float.

    Hope that helps, or makes you more confused!!

  • 04-13-2005
    Just J
    Hi Wil! :)

    Yup it is so twitchy downhill, and the forks are far too soft in their 80mm travel and it wanders going up steeps.

    I've got US market AM SLs which are 110-130mm travel, so I was going to try them in 110mm mode see how it goes.

    Thanks for your reply, I'll let you know how I get on :)
  • 04-18-2005
    80mm is the way to go
    I've had an Ala Carte for 5 years now. The bike handles superbly with an 80 mm fork, it's just sweeter then any other bike I've ever owned or ridden. If you must have more travel, get yourself an adjustable travel fork, 80 mm to whatever. Ride it most of the time in 80 mm, then when you've got a downhill or some rough stuff to tackle, bump up the travel.