• 06-03-2015
    Used 2012 Horsethief for my first disc/full suspension bike. Buy or pass?
    I've been riding my TI 26" hardtail with V-brakes for a couple seasons now in CO. It's about as high end as that era of bikes can go: XT/XTR build, Reba Team fork, Ti frame. But after a short jaunt on my friends Yeti I have an itch for a bit more suspension and 29" wheels.

    For reference I'm 6'2" with slightly longer legs than torso. I tend towards more XC type-riding with the standard long CO rocky descents. My whole body hurt after doing Monarch Pass on the TI stead and am looking for something that will take a bit less out of me.

    Thoughts on picking up the following bike appreciated. Particular pain points with this model (brakes?)? Sizing advice?

    - XL 2012 Salsa Horsethief
    - Stock build (2012 Horsethief | Bikes | Salsa Cycles) except the following which all have 1/2 a season on them:
    - Chris King bottom bracket
    - New Chain
    - GEAX Saguaro tires

    Suspension has not been serviced since new. Claims that shop suggested no service when bb/chain were installed. No mileage estimate yet.

  • 06-03-2015
    Bicyce blue book value: 2012 Salsa Horsethief - New and Used Bike Value

    has the value of this bike at:

    BicycleBlueBook.com Value:(?)
    $1286 - $1323 (Like-New)
    $1228 - $1264 (Excellent)
    $1124 - $1159 (Good)
    $761 - $784 (Fair)

    So the value posted is good.

    I just recently upgraded from a v-brake short travel bike to a 650b disc equipped hardtail and the bike rides so nice compared to my old bike.

    Being that you are tall, I would suggest a 29er being your next bike. The spearfish is a great bike, I demo'd one and it rides nice. The rear suspension works nicely. I think you would be happy with it.

    As for the size, check the salsa website, I think they have a size chart for their bike.
  • 06-04-2015
    That's a fair price for both parties. I have a '12 in a large. I am 5'11" almost 6' after stretching in the morning. I fall on the short side according to Salsa's height range for the large 5'11"-6'3". I wish I would have gone with a medium and been on the tall side of the height range for standover. I have shorter legs and longer torso.

    As for the stock build, I ran the avids until they crapped out. After switching to some Zees, I wish I would have made that upgrade first thing. The rest of the stock parts are fine and can be upgraded as they wear out. A shorter stem and some riser bars were the only items I upgraded until the brakes.

    The large only comes with one bottle mount on the underside of the downtube, pretty much useless IMO. A custom frame bag makes for some nice storage on the bike.

    Besides wanting a medium frame, the Horsethief is a great Colorado bike. Easy spinning uphill or stand and mash, and the downs are awesome! The Silver Creek downhill off of Monarch was one of the best rides I have had on the 'thief. Faster than I was really comfortable with due to the weak Avids, but the bike handled it no problem. Hoping to get that again this summer.
  • 06-04-2015
    Unfortunately I had to work late last night, had a ride scheduled for after work today but he sold it this morning. Ce la Craigslist.

    I'll keep on hunting.
  • 06-04-2015
    Good luck hunting. They show up on CL quite often, just not for $1100. Universal still has some large frames last time I checked.