Suspension fork preference for El Mariachi Ti?-
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    Suspension fork preference for El Mariachi Ti?

    I am building a used, but new to me, 2012 El Mariachi Ti. The bike came with a steel Firestarter fork, which I will use for an attempt at bike packing and winter riding, but I want to put a suspension fork on the bike. The frame uses a tapered head tube, so any modern tapered fork will work, and I will go with 100 mm travel.

    Are there any dimensional or handling differences between Rock Shox and Fox forks that would make me go one way or the other? I have no real preference - I have Fox and Rock Shox forks on other bikes, and am comfortable working on either. Buy whatever is cheapest?

    Also, I weigh 165 pounds, very much a XC rider, no big jumps or rough super technical riding. This bike will be for longer rides with lots of climbing on smoother trails, as I have a FS bike for rougher trails.


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    I really like the Manitou Tower Pro cheap and very smooth. They use a small coil spring for the small bump compliance. Works for me. Their thru axle takes a bit of getting used to, but works very well . I prefer Fox to Rockshox . but they have lousy customer service. Just my two cents. Nice bike. I have a Ti Fargo

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    Suspension fork preference for El Mariachi Ti?

    I have settled on a new Rock shox Reba on my el mariachi, after 3 different fox forks over the last year I really like the reliability and simplicity of the Reba. I put a lot of riding time on the fox forks and they never felt consistent to me. I replaced seals and had all the forks checked out, but there didn't seem to be anything wrong with them. I was very dissapointed after loving my 2008 model fox fork. I'm not sure if I got 3 turds or they just aren't to excited about shorter travel forks anymore, and save all their innovation for the longer stuff.

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    Funny, just rebuilt my Recon Gold for the first time in 3 years...seals were fine, oil Did it because I was thinking it had to need maintenance by now--but nope. You can land deals on Rebas, SIDs, etc that I would consider first.

    Reba is a little higher end and is a great fork too. I have not been impressed with many Fox forks (32 is so flexy it's a joke) and you almost immediately need to adjust the oil wts to get it feeling right. Granted, they are equally as reliable.

    Don't write off Magura forks either. Light, plush, and super stiff. It all depends on your riding.

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    It seems the older Fox forks were a hair bit nicer than the newer ones. I have an 03 Float that's been solid and dead reliable. Right now, I'm hearing great things about the Rebas. I have a Bluto (fatbike version of the Reba - same internals as the Solo Air Reba), and it's a nice fork. Hard to make a direct comparison to my old Fox because they're on such different bikes, but I've put almost 200mi on it in the past couple months and I'm thrilled with it.

    Frankly, the biggest structural thing I have noticed is the extra stiffness you get with a 15mm thru axle. Frankly, I don't intend to buy a mtb without front and rear thru axles again. So anytime I'm looking at suspension forks in the future, it'll be thru or nothing (unless I'm looking at vintage stuff). If you want to swap between the rigid fork you have and a suspension fork, I'd probably look at a wheelset with replaceable endcaps so you can easily move the same wheels between the two forks with diff axle standards. Hopefully you already have such a wheelset and all you need are some new endcaps.

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