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    Salsa Rangefinder

    The Salsa Rangefinder was just announced with 27.5+ and 29 options. $1099 for a 10-speed Deore build, $1299 for a 12-speed SX Eagle build.

    This seems to be the hardtail analogue of the entry-level Journeyman. But I'm not sure I see the point, given that it's an inferior Timberjack: steeper HT angle, lower travel, 141QR only, no Alternator dropouts, and longer chainstay length. The only pros relative to the Timberjack are the dropper post on all models plus the direct-mount top tube mounts.

    Perhaps at this entry level price range the $150 differential between the Rangefinder and Timberjack makes a big sales volume difference. I sure see a lot of Journeymen on the second hand market, so perhaps Salsa is attempting to broaden their offerings in another segment and get more bikes out there. It might even make sense to offer this bike as a price framing strategy to sell Timberjacks: for $150 more you get a more versatile bike.

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    141 QR would be a deal-breaker for me, albeit I just purchased a Timberjack SLX 29 (boost) in November. Hard to upgrade 141 if you wanted a future better wheel set. Also think a 29x2.6 is kind of an odd spec for this bike. For the TJ, at 130mm, 29x2.6 fits the ‘overland’ personality of the bike, but Rangefinder is seems to be a good starter, do-it-all, XC rig where a 2.4”/2.3” combo would look more suitable. The price points are certainly attractive, and I’m sure they’ll move some units. I wish my ‘19 TJ had the bottle/accessory mounts this bike did, tho.
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    I'd likely have bought this bike in 2018 had it existed. The Alternators were a nice option for future upgrades but they weren't required. And it would have allowed me to mount a standard rear rack and kid seat, which I tried on the TJ and it was too hokey to risk the kid in. For the same list price as the 18 NX 27.5, so really like $50 less with inflation, it has 10 speed not 11 which makes no difference because they're both 11-42, a similar quality oil damping air spring fork, and it has a dropper, which is the only upgrade I've done, really.

    I'd also have bought a Roscoe if they weren't sold out when I was shopping.

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    The price for the base is really tempting, especially since it's offered in a 29er build from the factory. But, I am not sure what advantage this has over 2019 Deore TJ, which can be had for the same price or less new or like new in that one CL ad I saw(said she's a roadie that tried mtb once with the TJ, but was not for her).

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    Props to salsa for offering a bike like this especially at this pricepoint. I'd bet it will fly off the shelves. And not just for intro riders, but also more advanced riders not looking to drop $3k+ on a fancy carbon bike. I agree with the qr axles not being ideal - but it's not a total deal breaker (although aren't those just qr boost spec, i.e. same spacing?). Otherwise, 29x2.6 is a great compromise, who cares about 10spd vs. 11 when you still get a 42t rear cog. I also kinda like the boring paint colors and logo. Nothing flashy like the direction some of their top models are going. I actually think for the price of the base 29r, I'd just sell the fork and add one of the new whiskey carbon forks, and I'd have a solid, lightweight bikepacking/tour divide racing machine!

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