• 11-30-2016
    Salsa faithful, how do I find a Juan Solo?
    I have been looking at ebay and cl for about two years now and I've only seen one and it wasn't my size. :madman::madmax:
    There is one bike shop in Indonesia that claims to have them but I'm not brave enough to send them money.

    Have you folks seen any pop up on your local cl?

    I'm thinking the bike was more popular in some areas vs the greater Chicago area.

    I wish cl had a nationwide search, maybe even a statewide search.

    Well I figured I'd ask the pro's here to see if you folks had any helpful tips.

    Thanks for reading,
  • 11-30-2016
    Try using this to search nationwide CL ads Ad Hunt'r - Classifieds Search Engine
  • 11-30-2016
    Great googelymoogely! There's three of them and one in my size!!!
    Thank you very much!