• 05-16-2005
    SALSA El Santo-any updates or ride reports?
    Hi. I was thinking of buying a Salsa El Santo as a lighter 4" trailbike/12 hour race bike, but can't find a review. I know there are several owners on these boards-any feedback? I would love to know how the thing handles (geometry looks just like a Ventana El Salt, but with 1 degree steeper HT). Thanks!
  • 05-16-2005
    El Santo Review

    I have an El Santo. Great bike. So far I've raced it in a 60K Marathon in WV
    and a 12 Hour Solo Race in VA.
    I have a review at ...


    Might have to copy and paste link.

    So far I've loved my Salsa. The ride is great and the shock is easy to set
    up. You may have to play with the shock to get it where you want it. The SPV is great.
    As I mention in my review, you could build this bike super race light or hard core trail bike.
    My only complaint is after some hard core racing I've worn through the paint in a couple
    places where the brake housing rubbed. That's kinda my fault for not having frame savers on.
    And I've bent a replaceable rear deraileur hanger (errant stick..ug!). I'd Rather bend a $7 hanger
    than the scandium chain stay or brake a $70 - $100 rear derailleur.

    If you have any other questions you can also contact the good folks at www.bikeman.com or