I believe that when you get great customer service from a manufacturer, they should be recognized for it ... so here's a thanks to "Pman" at Salsa for helping me fix a problem with stripped threads on a Shaft seatpost. Apparently I overtorqued the adjusting bolt and stripped some threads:

(cut from e-mails to Salsa customer service)
[me]: I stripped the threads in my seatpost, can you advise where to get a replacement part?
[Pman]: We're out of the cradle hardware right now but I might have a used post I can cannibalize for you. Send me your shipping address and I'll do a little digging.
[me]: Good deal, let me know how much I'll owe you?
[Pman]: You don't owe us anything, don't worry about it. I found a gently used one I'll send out.

Very good customer service from Salsa.