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    Salsa Bucksaw?

    I just purchased a 2016 carbon bucksaw frame to build up. I have a couple of questions. This is my first fat bike I currently have a 2015 specialized camber EVO. I live in NC so no snow riding all single track here.

    1. I am going to use hope4 fatsno hubs. front 15x150 rear 12x177 do i need to worry about spacing for the rotor with these hubs?
    2. I don't want to put a $1000 into whiskey carbons rims. Whats another 80mm rim that I should consider? I am not a weight weenie but if i can save a few pounds here and there why not. I want to run tubeless also.
    3. I don't see a lot of wheel choices out there. I would like a rolling resistant tire in the rear and traction up front. Your suggestions.

    Drivetrain I am going to use Shimano Di2 its what I have on my camber.
    Brakes shimano.

    Fork bluto 100 or 120mm your thoughts.

    In general if you had to build yours what key things should I pay attention to?

    Thanks in advance
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    3). Van Helga in front. Hodag on rear.

    Fork... I'm 6'2" on an XL Carbon BS, with a short stem and carbon risers shimmed up to the top. I still feel like the front end is too low. I'm going to have my Bluto converted to 120. That being said, you might consider a Fox 27.5+ fork. I would but I don't want to part with that much cash yet compared to the Bluto upgrade. Others on the Facebook group have done it and like it.
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    I know you said 80mm....but if you want to go 70mm, I'd suggest the DT Swiss BR710:

    I have the 90mm version on my fatboy and can say they are excellent rims and probably about the lightest, too. I have them setup tubeless with split tube (been flawless for 2 years) but a lot of people have had success just taping them up.
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    You should be looking at 65mm rims IMO. Especially for no snow riding.

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    1. There will be no special rotor shimming with those hubs for your frame.
    2. 80mm definitely is on the larger end for no snow riding. In the past 3 years I've only switched to 80mm (and 4.8 tires on Mukluk) once in the middle of winter for snow purposes, otherwise 65mm and 3.8's all the time on Bucksaw. Mule Fut is a good rim that splits the width difference, while still being tubeless. Lots of people have gone china carbon with Nextie or Light Bicycle rims.
    3. There are lots of tires out today. Nate, Van Helga, Hodag have good front traction. See Fat Bike Tires Rolling Resistance Reviews for low rolling resistance.

    100 or 120.... I stuck to spec at 100 but could see people going the other way if they know what they are looking for in a specific tune.

    I did build mine from the frame up. Really no different from any other build with setting your goals and buying parts to follow. The trickiest thing is buying the correct BB and spindle length, but a lot of that has been flushed out since the early adopters. As someone mentioned earlier I'd consider something not a Bluto if I were doing it again today.

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