• 08-12-2012
    RWC Enduro needle bearing shock eye conversion on Spearfish?
    I'm going to try the needle bearing shock eye conversion on one of my bigger travel bikes and while I was at it, I'm wondering if it would be worth doing on my Spearfish as well.

    Any Spearfish owners try replacing the DU bushing on their shock with the RWC needle bearing yet? I'd like to hear if it made a noticeable difference to the suspension action.

    I'm guessing the rear side shock eye goes through more rotation than the front side, so I would just do the rear.
  • 10-05-2012
    Did you it? If so how did it go?
  • 10-12-2012
    Do they make one for that bike?? It's not on the shock chart.

    I have the upper and lower on another bike and it works beautifully.
  • 10-16-2012
    They are great about looking up a campatible part. Email them and get er done!