Rohloff: Spearfish or El Mariachi-
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    Rohloff: Spearfish or El Mariachi

    Hello everybody

    I'm looking for a trouble free, do-it-all, comfortable and fun bike which is useable in almost every terrain including muddy ones. I've narrowed it down to two choices:
    1. Spearfish with a Rohloff
    2. El Mariachi (steel) with a Rohloff

    Does anyone have some experience with either two in combination with a Rohloff? And any thoughts about balance, efficiency en flickability?

    Thank you!

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    I don't own either bike, but I do love Salsas (mine's a Fargo). Looking at the dropouts, it looks like it would be easier to setup a Rohloff on an El Mariachi. The El Mar has Salsa's Alternator dropouts, which are made just for this sort of thing; they allow you to adjust the rear wheel forward and backward to fit the chain tension you want. On the Spearfish, however, I think you would need to get a chain tensioner, or get your chain to be just the right length, as the dropouts are fixed in one spot. (I've got the same deal with my Fargo; I'd like to try an IGH, but it has vertical dropouts, making it more difficult.)

    I would probably go with the El Mar myself; I've never really been one for full suspension frames. Now that I ride a Fargo, even my hardtail, cross country, mountain bike feels super squishy to me. I would imagine the El Mar gives you a bit more rolling efficiency, but I've not actually ridden either one.

    But, I'm sure both are great bikes. If I were a rich man, I'd probably have one of each Salsa. In fact, now that you've made me look at the El Mar a little closer, I think I'm going to head to the LBS and test ride one...

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    Rohloff: Spearfish or El Mariachi

    I've had a Spearfish for 1 year. It's a fine bike, but I would not describe it as fun - its very buttoned down. This does make it very comfortable and a reasonable do-all. Due to exposure and type of suspension bearings, use of PFBB and exposure of front derailleur - it's not particularly suited to mud. I've had minimal maintenance issues, but do not like the derailleur hanger although the finish is very durable.

    I think what you are looking for is a Titanium hardtail with 17" chainstays and external BB.

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    Trouble free and full suspension don't really go hand in hand to me.

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    Alternator drop-outs are available for IGH hubs... That makes the El Mar a pretty solid pick in my book.... Also, it handles well and there is plenty of tire clearance so that you won't clog as easily in muddy conditions. This plate will work with the drive side plate that comes on the El Mar standard, and it runs about $75.00
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    The "El Mar's" have it. The motion carries. *raps gavel*

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    An El Mar with alternators and a Rolhoff would be a *****in ride. Im hoping they announce an El Mar Travel (like the Vaya Travel) with S&S couplers. Add a Rohloff and some bb7s and you have the ultimate do-all travel bike in my estimation.

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